Stolen Lora D. King

ISBN: 9781625099396

Published: March 28th 2013


266 pages


Stolen  by  Lora D. King

Stolen by Lora D. King
March 28th 2013 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 266 pages | ISBN: 9781625099396 | 5.35 Mb

What would you say if I told you that an insidious thief maybe lurking in your mind?, asks author and advocate Lora D. King. Her compelling anecdote in STOLEN clearly reveals the impact of a robbery that occurs in the brain as a result of the theft. This bandit is commonly known as Alzheimers Disease. Also known as AD, it is a brain disease which steals a persons memory, and causes alarming thinking and behavior problems that seriously impact cognitive and functional abilities to the point of requiring 24-hour care. Alzheimers Disease is a complex villain, and only recently have the clinical and scientific puzzles of AD started to come together.

King is a strong advocate of the research that is key to stopping this kind of pillage in the brain, and how all of us should be vested in its termination by participating in research and clinical studies. AD is an equal opportunity burglar - and crosses all levels of class, racial, ethnic, and cultural boundaries. Thus making STOLEN a definite book to read for everyone! Not a sad and depressing story - it is warm, insightful, up-lifting, and a voice of hope - according to King, a retired social worker. Every morning her Dad wakes up and navigates another day, she genuinely sees it as a personal triumph because one of her most treasured social work principles - a strength-based concept, is being carried out.

The focus here is a positive outlook on what patients can do, rather than concentrating on what they cannot do. King believes this is the foundation for her dads care, along with caregivers with a calling, and cleverly demonstrates how others can do the same. STOLEN ends on a surprisingly high note, with a commentary commencing her blog site, Lets Talk in order to stay connected with her readers. Alzheimers Disease is no joke, to paraphrase Betty Davis who said, Growing old is not for sissies.

Lora King is triumphant in her magical mix of storytelling and educational information about AD. If you are a baby boomer, primary caregiver or in-home-caregiver, then you need to read this book and share it with every caregiver you know. I should know, Ive been primary caregiver to my mother for years. M.J.

Duffy, author of Lost Love, the Zankli Chronicles Book Stolen is the honest story of a daughters and sons efforts to be the primary caregiver for her aging father as he slips away into Alzheimers Disease. It is inspiring and heart warming...a must read for any family caregiver. Judy Wunsch, member of the Board of Directors of the Alzheimers Association California Southland Chapter. While dealing with my dear fathers illness...having conversations with Lora were like reading little excerpts out of her book, Stolen, that were helpful and insightful, and were gems that equipped me with stronger coping skills.

Karen Roache, of Another Phase by Karen Roache, Jewelry Designer Compelling indeed! And, yes, for those of us who have also struggled mute and naively with a loved one through this life annihilating disease - Stolen is long, long overdue! Having spent the better part of eight years as a full, hands-on witness and caregiver for my grandmother as she faded into the irreparable corners of her mind, it was good to be able to reflect on similar stories and events, with a bit of humor ...

and a little healing. Would I have had this jewel of a book and the resources you have noted, life, however heartrending, would have been so much more an orderly journey rather than a jumbled series of urgent events.Thank you for the read, my dear friend. And thank you that you have been bold enough to break this out into the open for more people to understand, take hold of the lessons and design their plans. Ms. Donnel J. Loftin Director/Coordinator - ACTS:6 Ministries

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