Caylens Quest Robert B. Marchand


Published: May 29th 2015



Caylens Quest  by  Robert B. Marchand

Caylens Quest by Robert B. Marchand
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The devastation wreaked on families during and after the Great War of 1914 called into play a situation used in the 1800’s in the frontier west: mail-order brides. Primarily impoverished single mothers, whose husbands had made the great sacrifice or single, unemployed, impoverished females of all ages, in desperation agreed to wed virtual strangers. Such a woman was Lora Helms, who—along with her young son—was induced into an action adventure romance saga.Lured to the wilds of the Canadian mountains by his love for the outdoors, his mother’s need for security, and by the lies of an eccentric gold prospector- Caylen Helms and his mother, Lora, find themselves victims of a greedy, sadistic recluse.

Refusing to completely give up, Caylen is forced to become a man at an early age. In a seemingly helpless situation, succor comes from an unusual source- dreams that pervade Caylen’s mind, dreams of an old Indian shaman and a huge black wolf.Was the call from the old Indian only a dream?

Or would it lead to romance, love, action and adventre. Caylen and Lora were certain that was the situation, and that the Indian and the wolf were merely a dream. But was it? Was an unexplained mystery of suspense? Suddenly, as Caylen opens the cabin door, a black wolf cub is at his feet. Can the vision from his dream and the mystical promise from the ancient Indian sage lead Caylen to success in his quest for a rich goldmine, justice for his family, and the love of a beautiful Indian maiden? Action, adventure, romance, suspense from cover to cover.

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