Toast Nigel Slater

ISBN: 9780143057147

Published: October 7th 2004



Toast  by  Nigel Slater

Toast by Nigel Slater
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Whenever I start to read a book that everyone seems to like and several of my friends write glowing reviews about and I absolutely loathe it, I feel guilty. I feel that there is something wrong with me.There seems to be a scarcely-conscious ranking in my mind of how guilty I have to feel about disliking a book. At the top of the scale are the much-lauded cultural icons I really, really loathe, like Virginia Woolf. Lot of guilt there. At the bottom of the scale are the popular authors people rave about that I feel I should have enjoyed more but really didnt, authors like Kate Atkinson and Liane Moriarty.

Nigel Slater is somewhere just below the middle on this scale.The authors I dont feel guilty about loathing their books are the ones force-fed to me in school, Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Thomas Hardy come to mind.Then there are those authors who, no matter their immense popularity, I cannot persuade myself that what they wrote had any discernable merit (gasp here) like Dr. Seuss.

I dont feel guilt with them, I feel resentful that I am supposed to like them and people make out they cannot understand how I not only dont like them but cant appreciate their great and lasting value and how could I deprive my kids yaddayaddayadda.So Nigel, I didnt like this book. I dont like you on tv either. And yes I feel guilty you look like such a warm and friendly dude, but like... well, no chemistry, no literary chemistry at all.

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